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UK Health Camp

The free ‘unconference’ for everyone interested in digital, design, technology and data for health and care.

September 30 2017
London, venue TBC

Tickets will be available from June 30.

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What is UK Health Camp?

There’s lots of brilliant things happening to make health and care services better for patients, carers and professionals.

Our aim is to provide a space to connect, share ideas and make things happen.

This isn’t the first HealthCamp - similar events have been held in other countries and in the UK two years ago.

We are open to all, whether you work for the NHS or not.

Our events are multidisciplinary - we aim to bring together health and care professionals, policy makers and service managers together with designers, digital specialists and technologists. Everyone is welcome.

Our supporters

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How does it work?

UK Health Camp isn’t a healthcare IT conference. It is:

How can I get involved?

UK Health Camp is run entirely by volunteers. This year’s event is being organised by @thatdavidmiller, @puntofisso, @DeckOfPandas, @VeeWilliams_, and @mattstibbs.

There are several ways to help us put on UK Health Camp:

If you can help us, please email sponsors@ukhealthcamp.com.

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